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Selective Class 2019

You can register your interest in applying for the 2019 Selective class at the bottom of this page

A class for engaged, high performing students who thrive in a collaborative, high expectation learning environment that utilises best practice contemporary teaching strategies, staff trained in our “Ready to Fly” framework for gifted and talented students and offering enrichment and acceleration to optimise student success in both mandatory and self-chosen areas of study. Graduates from our first selective classes are now in the tertiary placements of their choice – a definite indicator of the early success of this program.

Information will be provided on how this class operates across Years 7-12, additional opportunities for students also talented in CAPA, Technology and Sport and the selective placement process for meeting the standard required for admittance into this class.

Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students

Stage 6  – more individualised instruction

The school supports students studying academically challenging courses in Years 11 and 12, through providing small class sizes for more individualised tuition, supporting staff in HSC marking experience and professional learning to provide expert guidance for HSC success, a mentoring program for Year 12, tutoring and ‘homework’ clubs.

Gifted and Talented in Leadership Skills

KMHS students participating in Leadership Conference Northlakes High School

At Kariong Mountains High School we provide inclusive education to meet the diverse needs of all our students.  This means, that those students who are gifted in other areas also have opportunities to shine and grow.  As a smaller sized high school, our students have more opportunities to show leadership, participate in events and have their talents recognised as they are not just one of many in a big cohort.  We build up their confidence and expertise, resulting in students flourishing in the domains of Leadership and Citizenship.  Such opportunities, have led to students being pre-selected into the Macquarie University Global Leadership program each year of our HSC after our first cohort. It is a reasonable assertion to make that more students have the chance to have their talent recognised and realised, when they can stand out because they are not just one of a large crowd.  Our staff know their students well, and can therefore, encourage them to stand up and flourish.

Opportunities for those talented in the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA)

Examples of abstract art created by KMHS students

Our CAPA program is led by staff who are successful artists and performers in their own right and our support for talented students is not dependent on selection into a specific course or class, but throughout their school career on a unique and individual level that matches their interests and passion.

Through classes, clubs, work crews, private tuition at school, entries into competitions and specifically designed courses such as Music Industry (with its partnership with the Grove Studios), students have many opportunities to demonstrate their growing skillsets outside the classroom in authentic contexts; making learning relevant.

Opportunities for those talented in Sport

KMHS Oztag 9-10

The Kariong Mountains Communities have a fine tradition of active engagement in a range of sports.  Our school sports program is integrated so that it can be led by PDHPE staff, thereby developing students’ skills across a range of games types, rather than just playing the game without expert guidance.

Students talented in sport have the opportunity to represent the school in a vast range of different sports in which they excel.

Free coaching in athletics is provided by a nationally accredited coach each Wednesday afternoon and the school runs a Stage 5 Rugby elective for those interested in improving their skills in this area.

There are many opportunities to participate in Sport based elective classes, lunchtime competitions and sporting teams for external competitions for those who have a passion and commitment to this field of endeavour.

The amount of time available to students to participate in enhancing their physical and healthy lifestyles is well balanced with their academic and social intelligences learning – as successful athletes usually come to the top of their sport with this in place.

Additionally, many of our top athletes are multiskilled and able to participate in a range of sporting competitions. To assist them with their school-home-sport commitments, our PDHPE staff have developed an organisational calendar to help them manage their time effectively.

Opportunities for those talented in Technology

Robotics Group at KMHS

A discrete technology course operates for all students in Stage 4. Students with a passion for technology can extend this learning through the “Robotics Group”, Makerspace (which runs 3 times a week in a specifically designed room to accommodate this learning) and electing to study the Stage 5 STEM course, which is based on Carnegie University Learning Modules.  HSC courses are available for student in Stage 6.


Please click on the link below to register your interest in applying for the 2019 Selective Class:

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