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Selective Class & Selective Streams at KMHS

Kariong Mountains High School has a multistage and multimodal approach to catering for gifted and talented students in the classroom.

The multistage approach consists of a selective stream in Years 7-10 and provision of academically rigorous and challenging subjects in Years 11-12 (with small class cohorts for more individualised instruction).

Selective Class 2019 – Information Page

Stage 4 Bioscience Selective Class

Students commence their learning in the Stage 4 Biosciences selective class and undertake all of their classes as a single cohort. Although all students in NSW have to complete a mandatory curriculum, students in the selective class are generally able to progress through the curriculum at a faster rate and therefore can engage in enrichment activities, lateral approaches to topics being studied and acceleration as best meets their needs. Students in the bioscience selective class are accelerated in Science and commence Year 11 studies in Biology or Earth and Environmental Science in Year 10. Students complete Year 10 with a Preliminary Record of Achievement in this subject and can choose to continue their study in this area or exit the course at this time.

Stage 5 Academic Streaming

In Stage 5, students are placed into the academic stream for each of the mandatory core subjects. Placement depends on aptitude and it is possible for a student to be in one or more academic classes if they have the capability to maintain the expected high standard of learning for that class. Elective classes are unstreamed and placement depends on interest and availability as determined by student selection. Some smaller classes do run in some electives to cater for diverse learning needs.

Stage 6 Extension Courses

In Stage 6 we offer a wide selection of courses, including the range of extension courses. Small class sizes are more the norm than not in these classes and therefore students have greater access to teacher time and support than usually occurs in larger high schools.

Strategies to challenge and enrich student learning

The multimodal approach means that curriculum delivery includes a range of strategies to challenge and enrich student learning. This includes involvement in a variety of competitions, projects and co-curricular activities that should extend and enrich the whole child. We have a mentor program running from Year 10 – Year 12; in place to support students with organisation and study skills. We have a very supportive welfare structure and student wellbeing days are organised to assist with the development of confident and capable learners.

Our teachers are committed to providing learning excellence and undertake a range of professional learning activities throughout the year to engage in a culture of continuous improvement. We have a culture of rigorous self-examination and apply this to our teaching programs and practice. We understand that although students are identified as gifted and talented, they are still unique individuals and program differentiation is a standard protocol of program design.

We are committed to helping all our students to reach and exceed their potential. If you have any questions about our gifted and talented programs,
please contact the Principal on:
4340 0246.